United Micro System-Cranes’ Load Moment Indicator, Remoter Controller


United Micro System had been established since 1994, we serve the hoist crane industry as organizational goal. Provide various and helpful types in the work and the security consideration of the material installs on the hoist crane.  Also company accepts the design service of the individual special case. In recent years, because the sense of working security enhanced and required, at the earlier period the manufacturing of the crane design have unable meet the need, so the profession exclusively establishes "LMI" department, it works on the development and producing of the professional realm. Currently the customer objects are the manufacturer and industry user as basis.

The manufacturing industry takes the TOWER CRANE and the CARGO CRANE as the major. The operating industry uses the crawler crane and truck crane primarily. In recent years the operational cost of industry raises year by year , the industry might have to take the cost consideration as the priority. The UN300 remote control system also provides for the industrial - CARGO CRANE the most materially beneficial and the efficiency equipment, has saved many expenses and costs for industry, the practical after-care service was the receiving industry affirmation and support. Simultaneously in 2008 estimated promotes unifies UN300 and POC2510 it "SAFE REMOTER" the UN3000 system.

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