Industry-leading Performance and Productivity

How the 520LCA-K performs has a direct impact on productivity. The combination of a newly improved engine and a redesigned EPOS-driven hydraulic system with an attractive cost performance ratio is unrivalled by any other hydraulic excavator in its class.

Durability & Stability

Manufactured with surprisingly strong materials and structures, the 520LCA-K is unrivalled in durability and safety, allowing it to pass rigorous performance tests under extreme conditions. Whenever you work in a tough environment, you can count on the 520LCA-K.

Operator Comfort

More space, wider visibility, better air conditioning, and a very comfortable seat - all these elements allow the operator to work safely and comfortably for long hours in the best possible conditions.

Easy Maintenance

Short maintenance operations at long intervals increase the machine’s availability onsite at all times. We have developed the DX520LCA-K to deliver even higher profitability to the customer.


  • Specifications


Operating Weight 52.1 ton
Bucket Capacity (SAE HEAPED) 3.28 m³
Engine Power (SAE j1349, net) 223/2,000 kW/rpm
Engine Model DX12
Travel Speed (High/Low) 5.7/3.2 km/h
Max. Digging Reach 12,120 mm
Max. Digging Depth 7,810 mm
Max. Digging Height 11,080 mm
Overall Length 12,130 mm
Overall Width  3,340 mm
Overall Height 4,125 mm