Chieftain 2100X Bivitec

The Powerscreen® Chieftain 2100X is available with a 2 deck version of the Bivitec screen for applications where feed materials that clog the screen openings of conventional machines. The Chieftain 2100X BIVITEC has 3 movements taking place providing the powerful screening actions required for these difficult materials. The entire screenbox moves in the same circular motion as other Powerscreen® incline screens whilst each of the 2 individual screen decks resonate causing the flexible polyurethane screen mats to continually tension and un-tension to eliminate material binding.

  • Specification


Output Potential 400tph (441 US tph)
Transport Dimensions Width: 2.98m Length: 18.7m Height: 3.57m
Working Dimensions Width: 18.25m Length: 19.57m Height: 5.98m
Weight 35,500kgs
Screen 5.88m x 1.55m