The hydraulic excavator's power, durability, ease of servicing, and its precise control increase its effectiveness and life expectancy. With the DX225LCA, WE offers an excellent return on investment.


The work rate of the hydraulic excavator is directly linked to the performance of its operator. We have designed the DX225LCA by putting the operator at the centre of its development goals. The result is significant ergonomic value that improves the efficiency and safety of the operator.


The performance of the DX225LCA has a direct effect on its productivity. Its new improved engine and new e-EPOS controlled hydraulic system have been combined to create an unbeatable hydraulic excavator, with a cost/performance ratio that makes the DX225LCA even more appealing.


The reliability of an item of plant contributes to its overall lifetime operating costs. We use computer-assisted design techniques, and highly durable materials and structures which it tests under extreme conditions. Durability and longevity are our top priorities.


Short maintenance operations at long intervals increase the on-site availability of heavy equipment. We have developed the DX225LCA with a view to creating even higher productivity and profitability for the user.


  • Specifications


Operating Weight 21.5 ton
Bucket Capacity (SAE HEAPED) 0.81~1.28 m³
Engine Power (SAE j1349, net) 110/1,900 kW/rpm
Engine Model DB58TIS
Travel Speed (High/Low) 5.5 km/h
Max. Digging Reach 9,900 mm
Max. Digging Depth 6,620 mm
Max. Digging Height 9,750 mm
Overall Length 9,485 mm
Overall Width 2,990 mm
Overall Height 3,005 mm